Sanskruti Resort

  • No of Days: 1 Day
  • Distance: 20KM
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If  you are listing down one of the topmost resorts in Pune, let me add a name to the list. The list is incomplete without including Sanskruti Resort in it.

Sanskruti Resort lies on the Pune Solapur Highway opposite to the Indian Oil Compound at Loni just a bit ahead of Hadapsar. It is about 15 km away from Pune. Since its inauguration 10 years ago the restaurant has been pleasing the palates and pacifying the hunger of many. This is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Pune frequented by foodies in and outside the city.

The resort occupies around 4.5acres of land and boasts of a beautiful set up that attracts the customers. Sanskruti Resort is very much famous for its culinary excellence and a royal dining experience it offers.
Various options in Chinese, South Indian, North Indian and Punjabi styles just hover around you and you don’t understand what to order as all the dishes on the menu card are the irresistible temptations. This is just the half story told. You can’t help but order fast food and Indian snacks options that Sanskruti dishes out. The quality of these cuisines is too good. Especially the sweet dishes served in the platter are the main attraction here.

A number of facilities that include waiter service, reservations and parcel facility are available for the customers.

If you want to rock on the dance floor and want to make your night a wonderful experience, Sanskruti resort arranges special DJ nights for you. Folk dance performances like Lawni dance, Manipuri and Rajasthani performances are a sheer excitement. The management of the restaurant always tries to cater to the needs of customers coming from all classes of society. Courteous service with a smiling face seems to be the motto of the restaurant.