Kumar Resort

  • No of Days: 1 Day
  • Distance: 20KM
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The city of Pune is blooming and blossoming briskly. The rapid development of the city as a metropolis is adding many more attributes to the name and fame of the city. Pune boasts of a rich legacy of history and is rightly called the Cultural Capital of the Maharashtra State of India. As a tourist, you will notice at the outset the beautiful blend of the old and the modern adding to the grandeur and the glory of the city. As you travel in and around the city you will be amazed to see beautiful temples, historical monuments, well maintained museums, shopping centre’s providing all that you want, posh malls, IT and other manufacturing industries and what not.

Resorts and water parks in and around Pune are many and going there is real funKumar Resortand Water Park is one such place where you must go in your trip to Pune. As you set out on a journey, it is obvious that you need some change from your dull daily routine full of mundane hurries and worries. Kumar Resort and Water Park in Lonavala is the right place for you. This is the perfect place to refresh your mind and body with lots of entertainment and leisure.